Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Walls are On

Happy cinco de Mayo! And I got the walls up on the Woodsman today.

These photos show the walls fastened to the base. Before fastening the walls I test fitted them to the base and made small adjustments. In preparation for placing the walls I finished the interior short wall between the sleeping compartment and the galley. I fastened this in place with gorilla glue and pocket screws. Having this short wall in place allowed me to screw into it from the outside of the walls to hold them vertical. When I made the walls I allowed the outer skin to overlap at the bottom the height of the base, about 7 inches. Just before putting each wall up I laid it flat and applied liquid nails to the inside of the overlap skin and to the top edge of the base where the wall will meet the base. Handling the walls is a two man job so I had to get my neighbor, Paul, to come over and help me place them. We set the first wall in place and I drilled a pilot hole from the outside into the side of the inner half wall. I also placed a few screws through the overlap into the side of the base to keep the wall in place. We repeated this for the second wall then, after Paul went home, I spent the next hour screwing the overlap skin to the base about every six inches. I will remove the screws after the glue has set and patch all of the screw holes. The screws are just holding the part together while the glue dries. 

Now its finally starting to look like a camp trailer! Cheri says it looks like something out of loony tunes. What's that they say, "no finer compliment ..."

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