Saturday, September 15, 2012

Interior Cabinets are Complete

I pasted the cut away view of the cabinets from sketchup because it is a little easier to see what is going on than the photos below. In order to get the photos I need to sit down on the floor at the far end and hold the camera above my heard right against the wall so I can't see the viewfinder. That explains the kittywampus angle of some of the pics. There are two cabinets with doors on the right and left sides and two openings in the middle. The lower opening has a removable shelf that is sloped for holding a laptop. And when I say laptop I mean "entertainment center". Its what plays movies and music these days so I thought I might as well get with the times and build a place for it here. The small shelf above is for the "sound system". That's where we will set the jambox when we are playing movies or listening to music. If you don't know what a jambox is you should check the link. It puts out great sound and operates wireless from on bluetooth. I can sync it to my laptop or my ipad, its battery powered so I can use it in the trailer or carry it out to the picnic table. I toyed around for a long time with the idea of installing a car stereo system and a flat screen TV but the laptop idea just seemed to make the most sense. It can play DVDs and it can store nearly my entire CD collection of music.

The upper left pic is with the cabinet doors open and the computer shelf stowed. The center pic is with the cabinet doors closed and the upper right pic shows the computer shelf in position and my laptop sitting on it. You can see two openings below the computer shelf. One will have a 110V outlet and other 12V. I have also wired 12V to the back of the upper compartment where the jambox will be. There is another 12V wire pair hanging down from the cabinets. That will be wired to a small electric dashboard heater. An electric heater will draw too much current to use very long but I think it will take the chill out of the air when we get out of bed on cold mornings.

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