Sunday, June 17, 2012

Drawers are finished


OK, I have a new found respect for cabinet makers. It took a long time and a lot of patience to make these drawers. In the picture on the top left you see the completed bottom part of the galley with all of the drawer faces on. There are two roll-out shelves in the left portion of the galley. The bottom shelf will hold the cooler and the top shelf will hold the camp stove. Both have heavy duty drawer sliders with ball bearings that are rated for 100 lbs. There are also four drawers and a cubby that fits the water jug. In the top right picture I have all of the drawers extended. This was taken before I put all of the faces on the drawers. To make the drawer faces I used the same sheet of 3/4 inch ply that I used to make the counter top. All around the edges of the ply wood I cut and glued 1/2 inch strips of poplar. They came out very nice and should look great when they are stained and varnished. 


In the picture above you can see the backside of the cabinet front that I made from poplar for the drawers. This was all assembled using pocket screws and gorilla glue. You can see some small metal L brackets that I used to fasten the cabinet frame in place. I applied construction glue also as an added measure when I attached it. After the cabinet frame was in place I built the drawer boxes of 1/2 inch ply with 3/8 inch ply on the bottoms of the drawers. The drawer boxes came out super strong. I had to put wooden spacers in place of various thicknesses before installing the drawer hardware so that everything fit perfectly. It took a lot of measuring cutting and glueing to get everything to go together but I think it turned out pretty nice. Now I can start working on the upper part of the galley.

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