Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sliding Doors of Galley

I completed the sliding doors for the galley. Why sliding doors? Hinged cabinet doors won't work very well here because if you set something on the counter top then open a hinged door it will sweep it right off the counter. With sliding doors you can have something on the counter and still open the cabinet. The casing for the doors is made of ash and the sliding doors are of 3/8 inch ply. The bottom piece has two openings for the convenience outlets. One of the outlets will be wired with a 12V socket and the other will have a 120V GFI double outlet. 

The assembled casing for the sliding doors is shown on the upper left. On the upper right is the end view of the top and bottom sliding door slots set next to each other. As you can see the slots on the upper portion are deeper than the slots on the lower portion. 3/8 inch deep on the bottom and 5/8 inch deep on top. This is done so that you can insert and remove the doors by pushing them up into the top slot until the bottom clears the lower slot. After the finish is on I will rub a candle in the slots to deposit a little wax to make the doors slide smoothly.
The casing is fastened into the trailer using 3 1/2 inch screws that go through the wall from the outside into the side of the casing.

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