Sunday, July 8, 2012

Galley Cabinet Completed

Here is the completed upper cabinet of the galley (doors off). The shelves are made of 3/8 inch ply. They have a lip to keep items from falling off the shelves during transport. The lip is of 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch pine. I made a special cubby to hold my lantern.

I would like to point out a couple of things in the photo above that relate to wiring. Notice the left wall of the interior of the cabinet is a "false" wall that encloses the wires that come in from the ceiling and are routed into an electrical chase below the floor of the cabinet where they feed the 120V and 12V outlets of the galley. Notice also the small rectangle at the bottom center of the cabinet. This is an enclosure that covers wiring that is routed up out of the chase and through the back wall. This wiring will serve the cabin.

This is the cabinet just before I added the shelves. I took this picture so that you can see how the wires are routed before I covered them up.

The cabinetwork of the galley is finally complete.It took a lot more Saturdays than I thought it would take but I am very happy with the result. I'm excited about the next step of the build. In the next step I will be installing the inner lining of the ceiling in the cabin.


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  2. Hi Chuck, I wish I would have found your post when I was Building my hatch. The bottom of my hatch has puled out about a half inch and will have to build it again. I like your solution of adding the curve supports. I am going to have to see it it will work on my hatch.

    1. Don, you may notice in subsequent pictures that I actually wound up cutting out the webbing because the hatch was getting pretty heavy. The hatch, however, has retained it's curvature because I secure it with three spring loaded latches on each side to keep it tightly in place when not in use. I think these are shown in the final pictures and I give the supplier in the text. Good luck with getting your hatch to retain it's shape.