Monday, December 24, 2012

Stain and Varnish

It's Christmas eve and it has been a pretty cold and snowy day here at the homestead. Above is a picture from outside and below is what I have been doing on the inside in the last couple of days.
I've got plastic on the floor of the garage and I have been staining and applying varnish to the cabinetry and the bench. After Christmas I'll sand and apply a second coat.
In the previous post I had the wiring all connected but I did not have it routed yet. Here's a picture after I routed all the wires. I cut grooves in the insulation with a utility knife and grooved the spars with a hand grinder. Then I carefully routed the wires into the grooves and taped them all down with aluminum tape. The wires traverse the spars in narrow bands which I have measured off and recorded so that when I screw on the plywood cover I can first mark the locations of  wires so that I don't damage them.

Well, I guess I should get out there with the snow blower before it gets dark. I'll try to do another post after new years to show anything I get done on my week off.

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  1. This is so amazing. I can't believe how much is going into this thing! It's like a city rising from the dust . . .