Friday, February 22, 2013

Can You Say Woody?


The oak side panels look awesome. I confess I'm relieved to have them installed on the trailer and to see that my plan actually worked out. When I started on these wall panels I had so many questions. Would the seams between the three plywood sheets be too noticeable? Could I get the seams to lay flat? Would the border color look OK? Would my fiberglassing job look acceptable?

One of the ideas that worked out nice was to temporarily screw a one by two to the bottom of the trailer wall to act as a shelf to hold the side panels in place while I fastened them to the trailer. Each wall panel is attached using 4 tubes of Heavy Duty Liquid Nails and about 90 of the fasteners shown above. These fasteners are temporary and will be removed in a week, after the glue has set. Each fastener consists of  a one-inch drywall grabber, a thick steel washer, and a square of waxed paper. I'm pretty sure the washer would need to be removed with a chisel after a week of being held against the partially cured epoxy had I not added the waxed paper. I placed fasteners every six inches around the edge of the panel and the door opening and several more were strategically placed in the interior regions anchored into the wall frame. Next week they will all be removed, the small holes will be filled with the appropriate colored wood filler, then the final coat of epoxy will seal the filled holes.

I just can't get over what a difference these side panels make.

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